Patsy Smullin-top
Bob Wise-Lower Left
Kingsley Kelly-Lower Right

Patsy Smullin has been involved in the success of KOBI channel 5 since she was a small child. Her father taught her at a young age how to run a successful broadcasting business and she has done it well over several decades.  She shared some of her personal career highlights of people she had the honor of interviewing.  She mentioned Hilary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Walter Cronkite, Jay Leno, Barbara Walters, Jenna Bush, Lester Holt, and Hoda Kolb as a few of her most memorable interviews.  She addressed the growing concern around AI and its potential use and misuse.  She then handed the podium over to Bob Wise, also part of the KOBI team.

Bob shared about the upcoming 2024 Olympics that will be held in Paris, sharing that the newest sport to be added was breakdancing.  KOBI will be showing the Olympics starting July 26th through the end, August 11th.  Bob then introduced Kingsley Kelley, another KOBI team member.

Kingsley shared all the various ways to engage with KOBI, they use all the various social media platforms as well as apps and YouTube to communicate to the vast variety of viewers. The importance of KOBI remaining accessible to all, and their preferred method of delivery is key to remaining relevant in this fast-paced world. The value of a locally owned and sourced news outlet is key to maintaining a healthy and balanced perspectives on all relevant topics.

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  1. Patsy Smullin is a distinguished media executive who has not only owned a successful television station but also represented a major network with exemplary dedication and professionalism. Known for her visionary leadership, Patsy has significantly contributed to the network’s growth and success. Beyond her professional achievements, she is deeply committed to our community, actively participating in various initiatives and philanthropic efforts that have made a lasting positive impact.
    I really wish I had been in attendance! Great program!

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