“‘ Flu Shot ” recommendations for the 2023-2024 Flu Season – by Dr.
Bud Bergstrom
Yes, it’s ” F-season ” again – football, fall colors, frost soon, &
flu shots ! The CDC has already predicted a  worse flu season than
usual. Flu vaccine is again recommended for all persons ( who are not
allergic to the vaccine ) 6 mos. of age & older. In recent years, the
vaccine has only been some 40 % effective in preventing us from
becoming ill with the flu, but persons who had received the vaccine
tended to have a much milder illness. Every unvaccinated person who
“gets the flu ”  is very ill for 3-5 days – no one gets ” just a touch
of the flu ” – unlike Covid , which can be so mild some persons don’t
even realize they are ill, to some persons so ill they do not recover.
Someone being so unfortunate as to simultaneously become ill with the
flu & Covid, is likely to be very ill indeed. Waiting until becoming
ill with the flu & then hoping one of the anti-viral meds. will be
helpful is not recommended. Other needed immunizations can be given at
the same time as the flu vaccine. Good luck, & good health.

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