A shout-out to the four vendors who came out to our Pickleball Tournament this year to offer their products and services to our players, families and interested Rotarians. Cooking 4 Wellness (also a Gold sponsor this year), BioSkin, One More Game, and Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy were all in attendance at the tournament for two or more days each, adding to the overall experience for all in attendance.
  • Cooking 4 Wellness served some very refreshing sample fruit cups that were perfect during the warm mornings and afternoons.
  • One More Game demonstrated their innovative hemp paddles and other pickleball products including pickleball sport bags.
  • Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy was on hand providing massages and to players during a long day of playing.
  • BioSkin brought a wide variety of their clothes and footwear for sale to interested players and guests, and interest and sales appeared to be brisk.
Thank you vendors for taking the time to help us with our biggest Pickleball tournament in its three-year history.

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