Over the weekend of Sept 23-24th three of our club Rotarians participated in our District Leadership Institute.

What did you learn or enjoy most about RLI?

Emma Nelson shares “RLI was a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians from around our district who are working hard in their communities. We learned about how Rotary was started, some things that have changed, and some of their guiding principals that have stayed the same. I like hearing the ways Rotary international is encouraging participation by finding ways for everyone to contribute. They encouraged clubs to ask their members how they want to show up and make a difference. We all have feedback on our clubs and it was fascinating to hear about their meeting structure , community volunteering and fundraising goals. I left feeling more connected to the work Rotary does and with new friends to collaborate with across the state.”

Linda Brown shares “I learned that Rotary today is not your grandmother’s rotary!  Meetings are not required these days!?!  [Still, I love our gatherings]. There is so much flexibility for club’s to do it “their way”.  This requires a lot of communication and listening to meet the majority of members’ desires of how they want to serve.  Otherwise, it is a great basic conference to get a lot of information about how rotary works.  All Rotarians need to focus on a unified Rotary brand image.  And, I came away so appreciative for the work and vast amounts of time the district folks give to serve our clubs.”

Amber Myre shares “I learned a ton! Being newer to Rotary there was a lot of new information. I highly recommend everyone attend this. A few takeaways for me were how will I answer “What is Rotary anyways?” I developed my elevator speech and feel more confident answering this. We talked a lot about the Rotary of the future, where we have been, where we want to go and who we want to be. These are all on a global scale and unique to our own club culture. There are so many ways to be part of the Rotary community and so many things you can do, do you have a passion for something and a heart for service well Rotary is the right place for you.”


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