Linda Brown, co-chair of the World Community Services Committee, provided an update on the success of the club in receiving matching funds for two grants for 2023-2024, the educational program in Guatemala and the Water Filtration Project in Puerto Rico.

Two other clubs have also donated $2000 each, plus matching district funds, for the project in Puerto Rico, the Jacksonville-Applegate and the Reedsport Clubs. John Boyd and Delando Pegan from the Jacksonville club attended the meeting to present the check from their club.  Our goal for this project is 300 water systems which requires funding of $18,000.

Joining the presentation, Gary Newland and Paul Robinson also gave a demonstration of how the  water filtration buckets are prepared for the installation.

Jorge Cormac, who will be the lead on the project in Puerto Rico, participated in the presentation via Zoom. The project is in great hands with Jorge as he has led our club on several successful projects at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

The clean water project will be in two villages, Yabucoa and Caguas, and will take place March 10-16, 2024.  The project could use 6-10 more volunteers so please contact Linda Brown at for more details if you ae interested.



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