Randy Sparacino, left
David Stepp, right

David Stepp with Rogue Camera Guys gave an insightful talk about the progression of video surveillance camera technology in the past couple of decades. The increased camera quality and internet access has launched security options for a variety of situations.  David shared that having security cameras installed result in about 51% reduction in crime in parking lots, 23% decrease in busses and trains, and 47% reduction in general robberies & thefts.  He then listed out a variety of options available in systems, whether it be as simple as a doorbell camera to a complex hard-wired system with multiple cameras and large memory storage. The options are endless and adaptable for any needs, residential to commercial.

Randy Sparacino, shared from his experience in law enforcement about the strategies used to fight crime with security cameras.  The highlight being a collaborative effort between law enforcement, residents, and businesses in the Medford area.  The “Security Camera Registration and Mapping” (SCRAM) effort creates a list of cameras for police to call on when it is suspected that a specific camera might have caught a crime.  With this data base, the police know who has cameras in the area and then ask that registered camera owner for assistance in needed video surveillance.


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